1.2 Sahiwal


Office have been setup

One No. (01) Ambulance is in operation.

Expense List on Monthly Basis have been forwarded to Central Office Islamabad

One Hundred No. (100) Needy persons have been aided financially

Needy Persons have been through dowry fund which cost is worth Rs.8,000/- ( Eight Thousand  )

Free Medicine have been distributed worth Rs. 14,000/- (Fourteen thousand only)

With Cooperation of National Data Base Regulatory Authority ( NADRA ) office CNIC for about 3000 persons have been issued through the office of Rehmani Welfare Trust

In Winter Free Sweaters have been aided to  Needy Girls worth Rs.15,000/- 9Fifteen Thousand Only

Two Hundred No. (200) Diabetes patience have been benefited in free diabetes Camps.

A house have been constructed for a widower worth Rs.45,000/- ( Forty Five Thousand Only)

governing body