Mr. Haji Saifullah Zia (Founder & Chairman)
Rehmani Welfare Trust is your organization. You have made us to stand in front of you. We are not better than you. We are the only organizers—-your servants. Please join hands with us to help the Poor, to eliminate the ignorance, starvation and poverty. We expect a warm response from you to uplift the status of your fellow brethren. Smile in the face of others and be kind and positive when interacting with them. Be merciful and forgiving when dealing with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Mr. Saith Khalid Rehmani (Vice Chairman)
Rehmani Welfare Trust is the idea of equal opportunity in education for all and strives to make a lasting contribution to society and improve the quality of individual’s lives through education. Our aim is to support social activities in place where students are eager to learn and leave to serve.

Mr. Tariq Mahmood Tariq (President)
To remove curse of ignorance by establishing quality educational institutions especially in deprived areas. The education will be free of cost and accessible to all.To establish Health institutions (Dispensaries, Hospitals, Clinics and ambulances). Quality services will be provided here”. Improve your moral standards by cultivating integrity, conscientiousness, and right action.

Mr. Asghar Ali Pehalwan (General Secretary)
“To extend financial help to the most needy, to be decided by the local organization on purely merit basis.To persuade the educated personnel ( Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Teachers, Professors, Bureaucracy, Business men and others) to help the needy brethren in their area of jurisdiction”.