hafiz abad

  • Office is Established
  • Two Number of Dispensaries are in operation
  • Through which approximately 11,000 ( Eleven Thousand ) Patience have been benefited
  • Approximately Two Hundred eight No. (208) families have been aided with Rs,897,950 ( Eight Hundred ninety Seven thousand nine hundred fifty Only) through Widow fund, Marriage Fund and Monthly Fund.
  • Fifty Six No.(56) patience are being operated and nine hundred fifty nine (959)patience have been checked for different disease through FREE MEDICAL EYE CAMP
  • New Broach er have been printed for REHMANI WELFARE TRUST
  • Six No. (06) taps have been installed at different location
  • Reports of Dispensaries are being forwarded to Central Office Islamabad on Monthly Basis
  • All Members are contact through telephone
  • Appeal of Notification have been sent to Central Office Islamabad
  • Rehmani Welfare Trust Flag have been Printed


View of FreeRehmani Stitching Centre


View of Rehmani Free Ambulance


View of Free Distribution of Books


Prize Disticution Ceremony at Hafizabad


Distribution of Rashan B/w Flood Effected Peoples