The Message from the Chairman

Rehmani Welfare Trust is your organization. You have made us to stand in front of you. We are not better than you. We are the only organizers—-your servants. Please join hands with us to help the poor, to eliminate the ignorance, starvation and poverty. We expect a warm response from you to uplift the status of your fellow brethren.

Governing Body & Management [Supreme Council]

A governing body of the Trust will be responsible for all activities. All projects initiated by the trust need approval of Governing Body. Decisions in the Governing Body will be made on the basis of simple majority.

The present Governing Body of the Trust is:-

No. Complete Name Designation
1 Haji Saif ullah Zia Rehmani Chairman
2 Al-haj Seith Khalid Mahmood Vice Chairman
3 Tariq Mahmood Rehmani President
4 Dr. Rehmat Ullah Saqib Senior Vice President
5 Muhammad Hanif Rehmani Joint Secretary
6 Anwer Yaseen Rehmani Vice President
7 Mian Muhammad Bashir Vice President
8 Asghar Pehlwan Rehmani General Secretary
9 Riasat Ali Rehmani Additional Joint Secretary
10 Hakeem Abdul Jabbar Rehmani Finance Secretary
11 Ghulam Mustafa Information Secretary