• Office have been setup.
  • One No. (01) Ambulance is in operation.
  • Expense List on Monthly Basis have been forwarded to Central Office Islamabad.
  • One Hundred No. (100) Needy persons have been aided financially.
  • Needy Persons have been through dowry fund which cost is worth Rs.8,000/- ( Eight Thousand ).
  • Free Medicine have been distributed worth Rs. 14,000/- (Fourteen thousand only).
  • With Cooperation of National Data Base Regulatory Authority ( NADRA ) office CNIC for about 3000 persons have been issued through the office of Rehmani Welfare Trust.
  • In Winter Free Sweaters have been aided to  Needy Girls worth Rs.15,000/- 9Fifteen Thousand Only.
  • Two Hundred No. (200) Diabetes patience have been benefited in free diabetes Camps.
  • A house have been constructed for a widower worth Rs.45,000/- ( Forty Five Thousand Only).

governing body